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[Austin Brown @joeyslastname
Somebody explain why #BlackGirlsRock is trending.

T. Roberts @JustKickinittt
How the fuck is there a #BlackGirlsRock show? If there was a #WhiteGirlsRock, black people would fucking riot.

★Call me Andy ★ @Mynameis_mac
Why is #Blackgirlsrock trending on twitter ??

Change that to #Whitegirlsrock

Georgia ☯ @lovelaithx
-_- someone get #WhiteGirlsRock trending too okay?x

Dale Nixon Jr @dalenixonjr
No they don’t #BlackGirlsRock

Kev B @_KevB
I will not participate in the perpetuation of lies. Black Girls Rock? Ha!

Dick Chappy ttm @Stay_GolfWang
"@666grandfather: "@Stay_GolfWang: #BlackGirlsRock lol" #liestoldontwitter" PREACH IT

betherss♡ @lovee_bethers

VNN Forum @VNNForum
#blackgirlsrock at spreading diseases and producing future grown rapin’ apes

Marcus Messina @marcusmessina
Why is #BlackGirlsRock trending?]



Just a couple of tweets about the uplifting, empowering, and inspirational annual award show /movement #blackgirlsrock. They’re right though.. Celebrating our accomplishments, heritage, and culture ONCE A YEAR is way too much. AND GOD FORBID it become the #1 trending topic on twitter! It’s just not fair. Black girls don’t deserve to celebrate each other. It’s totally RACIST. White girls need their own award show too right?! We don’t see enough of them portrayed in the media. Why don’t they have their own show?….


This is the shit that we have to deal with smfh 2013 look at the year. The time means so little when the actions represent everything.

"Black people would fucking riot". But they aren’t racist, though!

- Mod D.

You see… yup.

This hurts my heart.

This is why suicide is the second highest cause of death amongst black women.

This kind of hate makes me feel unwanted, useless, disrespected.

I didn’t wake up and decide, “I want to be black today.” No, I was born in Coco skin.

I have no choice but to rock it, flaunt it, own it. Because even if I straighten my hair, bleach my skin, act and talk like a white girl, I will be known as the black girl who tries to act white. No one wins.

Why is its so wrong to rock who I am?

Why is it so offensive and off putting to you?

Black girls do rock.

I rock.

Who are you to tell us we don’t?

….. bye.


Always and forever

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Anonymous asked: Your logic: Blacks are so oppressed, everyone always stereotypes us What you say: Fuck white people, all white guys are the same and can't pull


the one thing you forgot, is that when whites are stereotyped they only end up with hurt feelings..

when black people get stereotyped they end up shot by the cops multiples times and left for dead like a fucking animal…

(then made into a joke by suburban white kids)

when black people get stereotyped they lose job opportunities because “nappy” hair is seen as  savage and unprofessional…

when black people get stereotyped innocent men like my father get unfairly slapped with child support because how dare a black man actually be present in his children’s lives…

now tell me the last time a Starbucks joke jeopardized your life or fucked with your well being??? Tell me about in history when there was a “NO WHITES” sign in every public place….

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter “If ALL white people are the same” or not. Enough have and continue to do corrupt things and dehumanize people of color….therefore we owe you nothing…especially when our lives are seen as secondary in the grand scheme of thing..



dry your tears. you’re white.